How do I order?

Simply place on order here on this website with the order form!

I will reply with a full quote and invoice for you, and ask you for information and photos of your pet. We'll discuss how you want your pet posed, if you would like any special items (like a heart, toys or wings), and if you would like any names, dates or phrases on your urn.

Before the clay dries, I will send you photos for your approval. I work with you throughout the design process so that your urn is everything you would love for your pet! Read the rest of the FAQ's to find out more about how the custom ordering process works and how the urns are made!

How long will my custom piece take?

The turnaround time is 4 to 8 weeks minimum, as each piece is carefully crafted. I will keep you up to date during the whole making process so you will have an idea when your item will be fired and shipped.

How big is the urn?

The urns vary in size, as they are handmade, they tend to be about 10 to 12inches high with the animal on top. Most hold about 8-10 cups. If there is a size you would like I can create the jar to your specifications.

What kind of dog breeds or animals will you make?

Any kind of breed, any kind of animal!

Can you accommodate my large dog?

Absolutely! The price may vary for a larger urn; please contact me for details and to discuss sizing.

What are the urns made of and how are they made?

I use cone 6 ceramic clay that is electric fired. Each urn is made using a combination of East Asian Wedge Coil method and hand building.

Why don't your sculptures don’t have eyes? Can I get eyes on my animal?

That is a deliberate artistic choice and part of my signature style. The suggestion of eyes creates emotion in a way that realistic eyes cannot convey. By having the suggestion of eyes, the sculptures invite the viewer to connect with and interpret the emotions of the figure in their own way.

I have never ordered custom art before! How does this work, what can I expect? How much input do I get? 
I work very closely with you to create each urn, it is made based off of the information you give, suggestions you make and pictures you send me. I go over each design element with you before I even start the sculpture. Once I am happy with the sculpture I will send you several pictures from all angles. From there you are able to let me know small changes you may want make to it perfect. I also ask at that time that you triple check all spelling and dates. I make sure you are as happy possible with the design before I move on to the final phases where no more changes can be made. 

What about the color and other finishing touches, how much input do I get there?
I will send you a list going over all of the colors on the urn and each of your color choices before I apply the glaze, stain or paint. However once it is finished you do not get to make changes. Due to the nature of ceramics and firing it is not something I can go back and change once it is applied. I do my best to match the finished work to the photos you send, but please keep in mind this is not a photo realistic interpretation of your pet but my whimsical artistic interpretation of your pet. 

What is the difference between standard decoration and extra decoration?

Most of my urns pictured have standard decoration. There is a shiny glaze on the inside and a matte red iron oxide stain on the outside, with the writing and sculpture done in color. This may also include some drawing on the bottom of the urn like a flower or sunshine. 

I have a limited glaze selection you may choose from for extra decoration. Extra decoration also includes things like a large amount of drawing or decoration around the urn, jewels, buttons, ribbons or other adds ons. If you decide you would like to choose a glaze as an option for finishing the urn I am happy send you photo samples of the colors I have available. 

How do you ship? Will ship anywhere in the United States or overseas?

All items are shipped via USPS with insurance unless you request otherwise.  Items will be shipped within the agreed upon time frame normally 4-8 weeks from time of purchase. This time frame is estimated, you will be given an up to date time frame of your order once it is processed. 

Items will be wrapped and boxed to prevent breakage. Shipping costs are based on size and are estimated. You may be contacted to pay additional shipping. All items are insured against breakage or loss. 

International buyers are welcome! Please contact me for an up to date quote of the shipping cost to your country. Please note any customs fees, taxes, tariffs, duties, etc. that your country may have due to import regulations are not my responsibility. I have no way for knowing what they might be and I am not responsible for their payment. All items will be shipped via USPS priority mail as merchandise.

Do you make any other custom pet products besides urns?


I make pet memorial stones; treat jars, sculptures, wall plaques and even wedding cake toppers! Check out my More Pet Stuff! page for more information.

Do you have any employees or do you everything yourself?

 From the first email I send to packing up the finished item I do everything myself! I am the artist, processor, photographer, designer and HR department. This is why shipping time can vary, I give each urn the care and attention it deserves. This means during a busier time it may take me a little longer to finish your urn. If you need an item quickly I will try to work with you but please be up front at the time of your order. I do my very best to everything in a timely manner but I am a one women show so please bear with me during busier times! 

Why pet urns? Isn’t that depressing? 

I get asked this question often and the simple answer is that I love pets. My dogs and cats are my children and I know first hand how hard it is to have to say goodbye to one of them.

When I looked for personalized urns for my own pets, I found very few - especially ones that were personalized and reflected something of the personality of the pet it was made for!

Because of this, I decided to start making my own. Each pet is unique and their final resting place should reflect their personality, quirks and the love they shared with their owner. I hope to make a difficult and heartbreaking process a little easier and leave you with a memorial that honors your best friend and gives you joy every time you look at it.

Why is your name Monster Hollow Studios, you make pet urns, I don't get it! 

When I was in graduate school my thesis study focused on making gargoyles or monsters. On one of the sculptures two gargoyles were enjoying a bottle of wine that I decided to label "Monster Hollow Merlot". When it came time for me to choose a company name I wanted something that wasn't my name because my name is easy to misspell or confuse. I also wanted something that people would remember and that would stand out, and of course at the time I was focused on making monsters. I really loved the piece that had the "Monster Hollow Merlot" and thus Monster Hollow Studios was born. As time has gone on and my art has grown and my focus has changed I still keep the name to remind where I started and how my company began.

A few more things to note and some important policies:

-Please take a minute to browse more of my work! I post photos of all my work from finished pieces to works in progress on both Facebook and Instagram.  This is a great way to become more familiar  with my artistic style and get ideas for your pets urn! 

-Please be aware though I do everything I can to insure no problem occurs while firing these items, they are ceramic and mishaps during drying and firing can happen. If a crack or a break does occur I will remake the item at no charge, but the turnaround time for the new item will be at least one month. 

- When approving photos for your custom order please TRIPLE check the correctness of all dates and spelling on your product. Once you have given approval for you custom item to be dried, it will be finished and fired as shown in the photos you were sent for approval. Please know once you have approved a custom design no more changes can be made and the design is final.

-ALL SALES ARE FINAL! I am sorry but all sales are final and no refunds or exchanges can be made unless in the case of breakage. 

Due to the fragile nature of these items every precaution necessary will be taken to insure against breakage but if some does occur and the item arrives in a state with which you are dissatisfied please contact the artist immediately upon arrival of your item to discuss a refund or exchange. Please provide photos of the breakage, the box and all of the packing material. Photos must be taken within 1 day of when the package was received. All items are insured but it is very important for insurance claims that all of the packing in addition to the breakage is documented. 

If the item is exchanged please be willing to return the damaged item in exchange for a new one. All refunds and exchanges of damaged items are at the discretion of the artist after photos of damage have been assesed. Only items that arrive broken or damaged may be returned, all other sales are final. 

Also please note if you order a custom item and we are unable to come to an agreement on the design but I have gone so far as to make/sculpt the item you will not be entitled to a full refund. I will keep a portion of the sale based on how much time I have put into the item, any amount refunded will be at my discretion. If the piece is finished no refunds or exchanges will be offered.