Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Closeup of Luke's Stone
For any artist there is a constant need to create and push boundaries beyond those you have already established, to try new things, and new styles of art. I find now that I am creating more "production" art and I fall into the trap of focusing on what might sell and less on pushing my boundaries and finding new inspiration. I recognize that this can lead to burnout and stale art so these past few months I have been focusing on looking for inspiration in new places, creating new products and trying out new designs.
New style of Memorial Stone
One place artists can find inspiration is other artists. I recently read all about Dog Mountain and Stephen Huneck. I feel like its a crime I grew up about an hour away from Dog Mountain and never knew about it! Stephen Huneck was an amazing artist who loved dogs, he tragically passed away a few years ago but Dog Mountain is still open to the public. If you don't know what it is read about it and I promise as a dog lover you will want to visit. I was very inspired by the simple clean lines of his woodcuts. I decided to incorporate that idea of simplicity and combine it with my style for my memorial stones.  Next time I am home visiting Vermont I hope to make a trip to dog mountain and hang a picture of my dear Sookie in the Chapel  and experience Stephen's art first hand.  Perhaps I can find even more inspiration while I am there!
Not just for dogs! Bunnies, cats or any creature!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

From Start to Finish

Putting the finishing touches on the wet sculpture!
I recently blogged about Ingrid and realized I forgot to update with pictures of her sculpture all finished! Here she is from start to finish! 
Ready for the glaze kiln!
I always love seeing how ceramics change as the go through the many stages of drying and firing! I thin Ingrid's sculpture turned out great and is a fitting tribute to her!