Monday, May 4, 2015

Custom Pet Sculpture

Getting started!
I was recently commissioned to make a custom pet sculpture featuring 8 dogs! It was a challenge but a fun one! I worked closely with the client on how to pose them with her ultimately choosing how she wanted them to interact. I took lots of photos along the way from start to finish!
Sweet little teddy!
Those toes!
One of the most fun parts about these sculptures is your pet can posed any way you want, with any toys or items that make you think of him! Names and dates can be added on things like bones and hearts.
Wet work done!
 These sculptures can feature a variety of animals, not just all dogs or all cats! Think you have too many pets for one sculpture? Just ask, this sculpture features 8 dogs!
The name bones really stand out once color is added!
Love this little feet!
 A variety of color and finishes are available for these sculptures! The client for this sculpture chose a lovely green because it made her think of grass or the dog park!
One of my favorite parts, all finished!
If you might be interested in something like this click here to visit my Etsy shop! These sculptures can be a great way to honor a pet who has passed or show your love for one who is snoozing on the couch!
All Finished!

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