Thursday, March 12, 2015

England Trip- St.Albans

The roman wall in the park in St. Albans
We are back from our vacation to England and I am happy to say it was wonderful! It was the first time both my husband and I traveled overseas. Everyone was lovely and helpful. It was a nice surprise to find that the food in England was in fact delicious, after having been warned by multiple people that was not the case.  The first part of our trip was in St. Albans a small town right outside of London. It was really beautiful and had a great park I could hike around every day.
So much for gray days, almost every day was sunny!
St. Albans was an interesting town that was very rich in history. There were a lot of Roman artifacts and a stunning Cathedral right across the street from our hotel.
St.Albans Cathedral
Inside the Cathedral
I loved that I felt totally safe walking around St. Albans and never worried  that I would get lost! Here are a few more pictures from around town in St. Albans, I will post a blog about our time in London later in the week!

Monday, March 2, 2015

On Vacation Until March 13!

Mommy I have a pawsport can I come?
I am officially on vacation, and heading to England for my first big overseas trip tomorrow! If you wish to order  you still can but you will not hear back from me until after  Friday March 13. That goes for both custom orders and ready to ship items.I hope to post pictures as we travel, so follow me on Facebook and Instagram for updates on our British adventures! When I get back you can join me in downtown Frederick for a demo at the Muse on Saturday March 14.