Monday, September 22, 2014

Reminder 10% Off Custom Work!

Just a little reminder there is only about 1 month left to take advantage of my 10% off custom work sale! I have never put custom work on sale and this will probably be the last sale of its kind for awhile, so take advantage now! Remember this includes everything not just urns! Custom artwork makes a great gift and this sale includes things like custom sculptures and  wedding cake toppers!
And now for the first time different levels of customization on your urn is available! For just a little extra you can choose to have your urn glazed or have different elements added like crystals or buttons! Click here for more details and be sure to take advantage of this sale before its gone!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Creative Touches!

Shadow's family wanted a hose showering the name.
I suggested adding a flower on the other side. 
One of the best part about making urns is working with the clients on the customization! Not only do I get to hear great stories about their pet, but they help me come up with fun and creative ways to remember them.
Vinny's mom wanted to incorporate sunshine, so I put a sunrise on one side and a sunset on the other. 
Each urn is made so special by these personal touches. They can be adding something simple on the back or having flowers carved on the sides, whatever you wish and whatever helps you remember your beloved pet!
Kiona loved to swim and eat Dandelions, so we added waves around the bottom and top, and Dandelions on each side!

Sometimes telling me a simple story like how much your pet loved the beach or to eat flowers can help take the design to new and exciting places!
Chia's mom wanted rainbows on the front! How cute do they look! 
Don't forget from now until the end of October take 10% off all custom products! This includes urns, treat jars, cake toppers, sculptures and more! All of these personal touches are included in the price! 

Jerry was named after Jerry Garcia so of course we added a Steal Your Face!