Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cold Weather

It is cold outside! Which for my poor dogs means no walks. Since we have no sidewalks in our neighborhood and no where to walk that isn't covered in inches of paw burning road salt! So we have been playing lots of tug and chase inside! What are you doing with your dog to chase away the winter blues?

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Big Changes in 2014!

Whats new about this jar?

Every year I try to take some time to look at my product and see at what I can improve upon. In past years I have added a tooth to keep lids on straight, pops of color and worked on making my jars thinner, smoother and taller (this will ever be a work in progress for me). This year I am excited about the changes I am making and a little nervous as its something I have been on the fence about for awhile.
The first change you will see is from now most jars and urns that have words or phrases will come with those words colored in. I feel like this makes the words stand out more and often adds an element of fun to the piece. The photos below illustrate the difference:

Without color...

This is the same jar re-fired with color:

With color!

Wow what a difference! This will become the standard for all my jars and urns, unless otherwise requested. At this point I have not decided about the wall plaques, but if they are an item I continue to make then likely they will have the additional color pop as well.
The next change is one that has often been requested but I have resisted. I will now offer animals to be in color on urns and jars. I have not wanted this change for awhile because animal hair coats come in a variety of colors, many that are very hard to replicate. This is a service I will offer at an additional charge with the understanding that while I will do my best I may not get your spotted dog or striped cats colors exactly. Below are a few examples of urns with animals that have had their colors added.

Handsome orange kitty!

Beautiful Blackie!

The finish on the urns and jars will remain red iron oxide but will now have the additional pops of color. To have your animal painted you must request at the time that you order your urn. I am excited about these changes and I hope you are too! I look forward to more big things to come in 2014.