Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happy Howlidays!

When it came time to design a holiday card I asked my friend Zoe Fortier of Lopsided Ink to design something for me based around my dogs. I didn't give her much to go on besides, make it kinda cute. What she came up with surpassed my expectations! It is not only cute but funny, perfect for my family!
She captured both of my dogs personalities perfectly! Zoe has a real gift for art that captures whimsey and fun moments in life! Her carefree designs are almost irresistible with all the cute animals!
The good news if you are still looking for a holiday card Zoe has several choices in her Etsy shop, all of which are handmade on an old Vandercook press! These bunnies are one of my favorites:

Grab a set of these today on Etsy!

If you have already sent your holiday cards thats ok too because Zoe has the most adorable thank you card I have ever seen, perfect for after the holidays to send out to friends and family!

Squee Hedgehog!

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