Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Where are they now? Tyson!

Tyson's mom and dad were nice enough to share his wonderful story a few weeks ago, and they were also nice enough to send me this great picture of his urn in its new home!

It looks beautiful proudly displayed on a lovely hutch full of treasures! Have you ordered an urn from me? Send me a picture and show me where it is now!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Custom Dog Urns- Poppy

Poppy was Sarah's first dog as an adult and her husbands first dog ever! They found her at the pound in Virginia Beach, at the end of a long dark row of cement kennels. She was just sitting in her kennel shaking, Sarah remembers how she didn't even make a sound! Sarah and her husband filled out an "adopt me" card but they were sixth on the list of potential adopters and promptly forgot. A week later Sarah got the call to come get Poppy! After a frantic trip to the pet store they picked her up immediately. It was Easter weekend and Sarah's inlaws were visitng, she and her husband came home with their first dog, their first beagle and not a clue what she needed! Poppy slept for three days, she didn't want to eat only sleep. Later that week Sarah cooked a frozen pizza and left it on the coffee table. When she returned to ask her husband where the pizza was, in typical beagle fashion Poppy had followed her nose and gotten the whole pizza, they found her stuffing inhaling the whole thing! 

Once they got Poppy cleaned up and gave her a bath they realized at least two inches of her tail was broken, bent at a 90 degree angle. They will never know what happened, but hope she was born that way, not that someone broke it. Poppy was clearly someones pet as she was house trained and had manners. At first Sarah felt guilty thinking they had taken someones pet away but over time she realized she had ended up at the pound and Sarah's life for a reason. 

Later Sarah and her husband adopted a second dog a beagle/Jack Russell Mix. At first Poppy acted like she was way to cool for the other dog but soon they found them curled up together, the best of friends! Poppy was a beagle and loved to run and escape. She escaped from the dog park once and tried to hitch a ride with someone in their truck, another time Sarah and her husband ran 10 miles chasing her! 

Poppy passed away 5 years and 3 months after she came to live with Sarah and her husband. It was a silly injury that in the end tool her life. She ripped off her toenail and was unable to keep herself from chewing on her injured paw, making it so bad she was eventually in misery and had caused the infection to spread. With the support of the vet Sarah made the decision that was best for Poppy but hardest for her. 

Poppy was a happy dog, she lived a good life full of all the things a beagle loves bones, naps, bones, snuggling under the covers and more bones. She brought love and light to Sarah and her husband for many years.  Poppy inspired Sarah to volunteer with Beagles of New England States, fostering and eventually adopting another dog. Poppy's legacy of love lives on through all the dogs Sarah continues to help.