Monday, August 26, 2013

Lazy Cat

Monday's are a great day to be a cat, lazing in the sun, covered in catnip, not a care in the world! 

Wait isn't that every day in the life of a cat?

Monday, August 19, 2013

Custom Small Animal Urns

People often think I only make dog urns, not true! I can make an urn for any pet you have lost. That includes cats, rabbits, birds, chinchillas or ferrets. Any furry friend you wish to make the perfect memorial for! As  a former owner of a rabbit and ferrets I know that though these furry friends may be smaller in size, they are often larger in personality and we love them just as much! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Custom Dog Urns- Tyson

Every pet owner knows how much pets touch our hearts, they know when you say a dog is your son you mean it. Tyson's mom and dad Chris and Christy both had beautiful things to share about their furry son. Christy shared her thoughts with me here:

I am sure all pet owners think their pet is the best pet in the world, so I can only tell you why he's the best pet in the world to us. His name is Tyson. He was an 11 year old boxer, who passed 5/16/13. He was so much more than a pet, he was our son. He was a beautiful brindle boxer. Tyson was very laid back and was a true hippie at heart. He had a "no worries man" attitude. He never let anything bother him. He was a tree hugger for sure. No really, he loved to hug trees, literally. He was the kindest soul.  Even if you weren't a "dog" person, Tyson had a way of getting to you. 
He is famous! He is an Alpo dog. If you visit, you will find his picture and his story (he's the one standing in the water, licking his chops). He is loved very much and will forever be missed by his mommy & daddy. 

Chris's Tyson's dad shared with me what he wrote the morning after Tyson passed away, have a tissue handy:
The Last Hike
I woke up this morning and you did not greet me. I walked to the living room to see you, and you were not there. Missing from your favorite chair, I searched the whole house but I couldn't find you and started to believe a bad dream that I said to be not true just might. Last night I dreamt that we went on a beautiful hike, warm sun & the water just right. Ahead a trail sign read, "this trail continues, no humans allowed". You looked up at me, I didn't understand but unselfishly said go ahead. As my heart grew too heavy to hold, my legs & arms light and unsteady, feeling dizzy I lied to myself saying I was ready. I watched you walk ahead til' I couldn't see you no more. My heart broken seeing you so old. And as you disappeared into the forest of trees, I asked God to take of you please. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

I Love it when my Dog....

I love it when my dog sings! Shippo loves to sing, he sings by himself or with my husband. Whenever he does it just makes me smile! Does your dog sing or have another trick you love?