Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Custom Dog Urns- Teddy and Maya

Teddy and Maya's mom Farida was kind enough to share their story with me, theirs is a story not only about a lifetime of love but about a lifetime of friendship. Here is their story in Farida's own words.

In December 1997, we decided to adopt a dog and agreed to go to our local Humane Society and let a dog choose us.  When we arrived at the last row, SHE saw us and must have seen the big, neon, flashing “Suckers” sign on our foreheads.  She charmed us in 2 seconds flat.  Her name was Sweety, she was an about 2 year old lab mix and she was found malnourished on the streets.  The rest was history; we changed her name to Maya (nicknames: Snugglebunny, Queen) and put some weight back on her.  She didn’t know what cuddling and affection was but she figured it out very quickly and made up for lost time.

Fast forward to Christmas time 1999, a friend called and asked for my help to find a home for a dog who was returned to Animal Services on Christmas, they were given a week to find a new home.  After exhausting all avenues, I had him brought to my home to introduce to Maya, after working hard on convincing my husband.

They met on January 8, 2000 and were in love the moment they set eyes on each other.  They romped around until exhausted and we knew he found his home.  Though we wanted to change his name, which was Teddy, we realized it suited him to a T, no pun intended (nicknames: Mama’s boy, Snooggybooggy).

They were like twins, they both loved all kinds of foods (the most drool worthy foods were bananas, cantaloupe and Clementines), only toys that could be destroyed or eaten, loved, loved, loved fireworks and lightning storms (we live in Florida and have some major lightning).

Sadly, Maya passed away suddenly of severe Laryngeal Paralysis, after a day of trying to save her, the vet told us that nothing else can be done for her.  We took Teddy with us when we had her euthanized so he would know that she won’t be coming home, it was the first night they were ever separated.  She passed the day before her birthday (we celebrated their adoption days as their birthdays) on December 15, 2008 at age 13. 

After some major and some minor health issues over the last couple of years, he came to the fork in the road.  We did not want to put him through any more discomfort; he was 14 and had become an old man who had been deeply loved since he came to us.  We were lucky enough to have a vet come to our house and he went very peacefully and with the dignity he deserved.

Our hearts are broken and we will miss both of them forever.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Custom Pet Urns- SALE!

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