Thursday, May 16, 2013

Custom Pet Urns- Howling Dogs

Every urn I make, like every pet, is special! No two are made the same and each is 100% custom. I always enjoy hearing about the pets I make urns for and trying incorporate pieces of what the owners tell me into the urn.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of making an urn with a howling dog for a very special pooch named Walter! It's no secret that I love beagles and I love howlers! I was thrilled when Walters mom told me about how beautiful his voice was and how much she wanted him posed howling! I know it seems strange to be excited to make an urn but I was, Walter was a lovely dog to talk about and to sculpt.

People often remark to me how sad it must be to make urns all day and talk to people who have just lost a beloved member of their family. And it is sad, but it is also joyful. Joyful because I hear not about how the pet died, but how they lived and how much they were loved. I get take all of those wonderful things and turn them into art. So of course there is sadness, but mostly I feel honored to make something that will help ease the pain of saying goodbye to a furry friend.

I am happy to report Walter's mom loved his urn as much as I loved making it!

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