Friday, May 31, 2013

Custom Dog Urns- Sara and Murphy

Melody's husband is in the Air Force, so they have moved around a lot, luckily in those travels they were able to adopt both Sara and Murphy. Being from a high kill shelter in Georgia the dogs were fortunate as well. Initially looking for a lab Melody and her husband went to meet Murphy but fell in love with Sara instead. Unable to stay away they went back the next day and got Murphy to "foster". After two failed adoptions Melody knew Murphy had found his forever home with her too! While their furry family continues to grow, Murphy and Sara always had a special place. Both lived long and full lives with Melody and her husband. They had Alaskan adventures, plane rides and most importantly a wonderful family to love and care for them!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I Love It When My Dog....

Lets play ball mom! 

I love it when my dogs force me to enjoy the sunshine! It's so easy to get caught up in the daily grind that I forget spring is happening and the sun is shining!

Sookie never missed a chance for a little sunshine and a snack! 
Yesterday my dogs followed me outside to feed the birds. As I was packing up to go inside I spotted Shippo snoozing in a sunbeam. He gave me the lazy tail wag and a look that said come over here and pet my warm belly! He and I sat for about 15 minutes before Maxi brought me a ball to throw. After dozing in the sun and playing ball for about 40 minutes we all went inside. I felt more invigorated to do my work and refreshed from a break. I love it when my pooches remind me to enjoy the small things in life! What do your dogs help you enjoy?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Custom Pet Urns- Howling Dogs

Every urn I make, like every pet, is special! No two are made the same and each is 100% custom. I always enjoy hearing about the pets I make urns for and trying incorporate pieces of what the owners tell me into the urn.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of making an urn with a howling dog for a very special pooch named Walter! It's no secret that I love beagles and I love howlers! I was thrilled when Walters mom told me about how beautiful his voice was and how much she wanted him posed howling! I know it seems strange to be excited to make an urn but I was, Walter was a lovely dog to talk about and to sculpt.

People often remark to me how sad it must be to make urns all day and talk to people who have just lost a beloved member of their family. And it is sad, but it is also joyful. Joyful because I hear not about how the pet died, but how they lived and how much they were loved. I get take all of those wonderful things and turn them into art. So of course there is sadness, but mostly I feel honored to make something that will help ease the pain of saying goodbye to a furry friend.

I am happy to report Walter's mom loved his urn as much as I loved making it!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Custom Dog and Cat Urns- Please Share Your Story!

Have you lost a dog, cat or other pet? Even if I did not make an urn or memorial for you please feel free to email me your pets story and I will share it on this blog! Just leave me a comment here that you are interested and I will be in touch with you soon! Telling your pets story can be a good way to help you say goodbye to them and way to share the love you had for them with others!

Whats Frankie's story?!