Monday, April 22, 2013

I Love it When My Dog...

How is that comfortable?

I love watching my dogs snooze! The look so peaceful and funny all at once! In the spring they fight over the sunbeam, with Shippo normally proclaimed winner!

King of the Beam!
My Sookie beagle was a champion napper, and she always looked the cutest all curled up in a beagle ball! Thinking of those memories makes me smile! What things do your pets do or did they do that makes you smile?

What pillows? Oh these yeap these are mine! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Custom Dog Urns- Special Treats

Recently I made an urn for Hayes and Eleanor, after receiving it their mom contacted me about making some tiny cheeseburgers to go in the urn. Every pay day she would get them double cheeseburgers and wanted them to have a forever snack. I thought that was so sweet and I think the cheeseburgers turned out really cute! What special treats or items make you think of your pet?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Saying Goodbye

There are many ways to say goodbye and honor a pet you have lost. When my beagle Sookie, died I was so saddened by her loss I was unable to make an urn for her, it was just too hard to sit and look and pictures and think of how she was gone.

After hanging onto her ashes for nearly a year I decided to plant a tree in her memory since she loved to be outside. Looking at her tree everyday as it watches over my house allows me to think of her and smile. Today it blossomed for the first time! It filled me with such happiness to see all the beautiful flowers that were all a little part of her! I plan this summer to make a memorial stone to go under the tree for her. Eventually when I am ready I will make her a small urn as well, but in the meantime I can enjoy springtime flowers and think of her. What things have you done that have helped you say goodbye to a pet you have lost?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Custom Pet Urns and Memorials- Share Your Story

One of the best things about making pet urns is talking to owners about their pets, I hear the best stories. Sometimes the stories are funny, sometimes they are inspiring, sometimes they are sad but they always help remind me why I make pet memorials.

I make pet memorials because for many of us our pets are more than just a dog, a cat, a ferret or a bunny they are a member of the family and losing them is heartbreaking. Having owners tell me the stories of their pets helps me get a better idea how to design their urn and helps them to say goodbye! If you have recently lost your pet and would like to share their story please contact me about posting on this blog!

An ornament for my cat Moses who passed away in November.