Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Custom Pet Urns- Lexi

Rosanna was kind enough to share Lexi's beautiful story with me! Rosanna and her ex-husband got Lexi when she was just 4 months old! She was the run of the litter could not be sold, but her small size did not matter to them! Her tail was just a corkscrew that was so painful when she sat that at only 4 months old they had to have it amputated. After that Lexi just had a cute little nub! 

Rosanna and her ex-husband adored Lexi! She was an amazing frisbee catcher and loved to go the lake. She was an excellent swimmer who could fetch anything they threw into the water. After 7 happy years they decided to add an addition to the family and brought home another dog Dexter. Dexter and Lexi became immediate best friends! The dogs loved to go upstate to run so much Rosanna and her ex-husband started an annual tradition of taking them there on vacation, allowing them to run and be free on the huge property they rented. 

As Lexi got older her spirit stayed strong but her legs got very weak. So much so that she would no longer go up and down the stairs on her own. When Lexi was 12 another dog was added to the pack Georgia! At first Lexi, Dexter and Georgia were the 3 amigos! 

After the divorce things began to take a turn for the worse for Lexi when Dexter and Georgia began picking on her. The fights became severe enough the dogs had to split up. Lexi moved in with Rosanna's ex mother in law where things were calm, quiet and there was only one floor making it easier for her to get around in her old age. After awhile Lexi's age caught up to her, at almost 15 she was a mere shadow of the strong athletic dog she once was. When she couldn't get up anymore they knew it was time to say goodbye to Lexi. 

Rosanna writes: "When I knew what we had to do, I was looking for a special urn for her ashes. I stumbled on your site and was in love with your custom urns. You made two, one for me and one for my ex. Now Lexi is by the window looking out at the world. The sun shines on her every chance it gets. We miss her & will never forget our first dog. Thank you for creating such a beautiful custom piece that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. "

I have to thank Rosanna for sharing Lexi's wonderful story! 

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